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Welcome to Lazzat Kadah

Welcome to a new contemporary Lazzat Kadah.

We would like to thank our valued customers for being part of our journey since our establishment 12 years ago.

To celebrate, we have transformed Lazzat Kadah into its current new look.

We still cook our traditional signature dishes fresh, as our chef is passionate that our food comes out to perfection.

 Most important is your experience with us.

We hope that you enjoy our culinary delights, and that your night is a pleasurable one to remember.


Lazzat Kadah was created to alter the publics perception of Pakistani and Indian Cuisine. Translated into English fromt the Urdu dialect, Lazzat Kadah means "House of Taste"


Our vision is to offer culinary delights from the subcontinent, rich in tradition, heritage and authenticity, which are served in an opulent environment that features hand crafted furniture and decorations from the region.


The subcontinent is relatively unknown, other than for its famous monuments such as the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Red Fort in Delhi, all of which are a legacy from the Moghul era. The region has a glorius history and its inhabitants follow a variety of rich cultures, which are diverse and range from the
mountainous regions in the north, the resorts in the west and which originate from the various dynasties that ruled and inhabited this land.


At Lazzat Kadah we have developed a range of traditional, well known and signature dishes that we trust will entrigue and tantalise your palate






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Ramadan Salad Buffet